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Miller’s CoolBand Keeps Welders Cool Under the Helmet

Heat stress relief, especially in welding environments where temperatures regularly exceed triple digits, is extremely important for the well-being, satisfaction and productivity of your welders. We recently spent some time with Valmont Industries in Tulsa to discuss their welding operation and to discuss their use of Miller’s CoolBand helmet-integrated cooling system for heat stress relief. Here’s an excerpt with a video of the interview that follows:

Valmont Industries—a worldwide leader in the fabrication of structural and transmission towers used by municipalities, utilities, communication companies and irrigation professionals—has 95 facilities worldwide, including in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Outside temperatures in the summer regularly reach triple digits in Tulsa, and temperatures inside the plant can reach as high as 110 degrees. Noting the effects that heat stress was having on his crew of 100 welding operators, Valmont Operations Director, Tony Schuler, worked with Bobby Goodman of Best Welders Supply to identify a solution to keep the staff cool.

The company decided to test trial Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s exclusive new CoolBand™ headgear-integrated cooling system coupled with its Performance™ Series line of welding helmets. The result: cooler, more comfortable welders who are able to get more work done in the same amount of time because there is substantially less fatigue and they spend less time wiping sweat and de-fogging glasses and lenses.

To read the whole story, visit here.

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