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Chris Roehl, Product Manager

Chris Roehl has been a part of the Miller team for 25-years. Today he’s a product manager for Millermatic® products. He knows it’s the products and the people that make Miller the first choice for welding equipment.

Chris recalls a recent need from a customer in the southern part of the United States—the customer needed some additional training on the product—the call came in over the weekend. But because the nearby Green Bay Packers had a Sunday home game, the Monday flights out of town were all booked. Not wanting to wait another day, Chris and a service tech jumped in a truck and drove the 13-hours to the customers shop. “We went in and talked to them, saw their applications, showed them how to improve their processes and provided additional education on the product. Later that day we jumped in the truck and came home,” says Roehl.


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