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Choosing the right TIG welder

Wondering if an upgrade to an inverter-based TIG power source is worth it? Check out this article to read about the experiences of five manufacturers and two schools and the productivity and weld quality improvements they realized by making the switch to inverter-based controls for aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel applications.

As an example, A1A Dock Products, a small manufacturer of aluminum ladders in Hollywood, Fla., achieved an annual savings of $28,224 by investing in inverter-based TIG power sources. Their investment paid for itself in just two weeks!

But that’s just the beginning. Click here to see what advanced TIG controls can do for you.

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One Response to “Choosing the right TIG welder”

  1. Craig Moschke Says:

    I have a miller trailblaser 302, wich tig welder is best for my welder?
    Is there going to have any at The Miller Road Show in Cedar Rapids,IA?
    What one should I look for?