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Avoiding poor consumable life

In order to ensure the maximum life for the cutting consumables, make sure that the air provided to the cutter is clean and moisture-free. Excess amounts of moisture in the air will cause double arcing within the plasma chamber and reduce the life of the tip and electrode. Miller sells filtration systems to go on plasma systems. The tip and electrode are the two parts that will be replaced most often; however, sometimes the other consumables will become worn and need to be replaced in order to ensure maximum tip and electrode life. Over time the swirl ring and retaining cup can wear, leading to either poor airflow or double arcing within the plasma chamber, resulting in poor consumable life. Also the drag shield can accumulate a buildup of metal from cutting. Inspect the drag shield to make sure no pieces of metal are stuck in the center, creating a bridge to the cutting tip. Usually the buildup can be easily removed; if not, then replace the drag shield to ensure maximum tip and electrode life.

Brian Brown
Engineering Technician
Plasma Products

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