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Owners Club

70's to Modern

by R shaeffer

Projects are a never ending thing in our household. My girlfiend and soon to be fiance/wife own our own home that was built in the 70's and we are renovating it to our liking and bringing it to a more Modern and rustic design. We are doing all of our own renovations to the house. I am building and have built all the steel in our house. It includes custom built Daining room table that uses an old wooden door from a school hall, our coffee/tv stand which is a Yamaha xs650 that I cut in half and made into two separate tables. In our bathroom I made steel back splashes, bathroom shelf, towel holder and tp holder and then blackened everything. That is just the beginning as we have much more to build that include planter boxes for the exterior of the house, steel outdoor fire place, hand rails, guard rails, steel cladded fire place and who knows where we will stop. Not only am I am doing all the steel in our own home, but I am building metal furniture that will incorporate reclaimed and recycled wood as well as glass. Hopefully the metal furniture and metal art will help pay for our home renovations, our wedding and our honeymoon. Beyond the furniture and our own home renovation the options are endless and with out the help of Miller products I couldn't be doing any of our own home renovations or to help others with their own ideas and build what they cant.

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