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Dynasty 350 Custom TIGrunner Cart/Storage

by Sean Childress
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    I built this TIGrunner cart to allow me more storage and work space and ease of portability around the shop. The chassis is fabricated out of 1 1/4\" and 1\" square tubing with .060 sheet metal to box in the flat areas. The entire cart was TIG welded using the Dynasty 350 and 1/16\" Harris SMW filler rod. It features two pullout, side mounted storage drawers, 6 vertical filler rod channels, top and bottom deck space to place items such as a tungsten grinder, a tape measure, goggles and the wireless foot pedal so nothing gets put on top of the welder itself! The cable storage is in front of the welder to decrease the side profile and making cable accessibility that much easier. the entire cart was then coated in LineX for durability and a unique look. The overall dimensions are a bit longer but they fulfill my needs. 53\" x 47\" x 16 3/4\" Thanks for looking.