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BMX UCI Electronic Single Man Starting Gate

by Sean Childress
Owners Club Member
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    My 7 year old son just starting racing BMX in July and winning. So I decided to build him a UCI correct BMX starting gate to prepare him for the 2013 BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma. The gate is constructed out of 1 1/2\" and 1\" .083 wall square tubing and some 1/4\" flat stock. The gate features a UCI correct cadence and LED light system connected to the 600# holding force magnet underneath the gate, a 34# linear spring helps assist the gate drop, 4 bolt leveling system ensure correct balance on any surface, they also keep the gate in place, a retractable GoPro camera mount is mounted on the left side and folds back into the gate for storage, 5\" inset castor wheels for portability, a custom LED light stand holds the lights and control box 30\' away as to spec and Grip Strut is used for traction. My son took a 2nd place in class a the Grands and has a trophy that is almost 7\' tall. Thanks Miller Welding! Sean Childress