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Vt. Yankee Mock Motor

by Frank Sprague
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    I was asked to build a mock motor for the nuclear plant in Vernon Vt. The real motor is 2450 horse power. They were going to change it when they were shut down for refueling. The room it is in is on the \"hot side\" with only 1.5 inches of clearance on each side. The mock up motor had to be exactly the same size as the real 2450 hp motor. They built a room the same size as the room the real motor was in and practiced removing and replacing the motor with my mock up motor. They were very impressed and asked me to built the two hydraulically operated wagons to move the real motors and to do the practice moves. I have pics of the wagons but it will only let me send one. if you want more I can e-mail them to you. Thanks for looking. Frank