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Castle Bed with Ladder

by Derrick Hutchinson
Owners Club Member
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    My daughter has a small room and when she almost out-grew her crib I needed a solution for her room. I TIG welded an angle-iron frame and square/round tubing ladder from steel for strength and light-weight. I then mounted it like a loft from the walls and suspended from the ceiling. The suspended corner was supported with all-thread through a truss with a piece of copper tubing covering it for a smooth surface. This arrangement provided open storage as well as work space below the bed while freeing up floor real estate. I added heavy-duty shelving rails to the walls for hanging deep brackets for a desk and shorter brackets for a shelf. Both the shelf and table may be adjusted vertically for adjustability as my daughter grows. A florescent light under the bed provides plenty of lighting for art projects, reading, and homework. The front wall folds down for easier access to change sheets.