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Custom Aeroponics: Out of Thin Air™

by gerek burford
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    640 Plant Capacity 400 Watts 128 Square Feet 0 Gallons of Waste Water 0 Pounds of Waste Chemical Fertilizer Custom Aeroponics™ engineers and manufactures aeroponic growing products with an emphasis on multi-use linkable components, water efficiency, and plant growth maximization. The basis of aeroponics is to mist the roots of a growing plant with a nutrient solution eliminating the need for soil or substrate. Plants are suspended and held in a netted planting cup on a GrowTube™. The GrowTube™ protects the roots from damaging light and contains the misting nozzle. The nutrient solution is collected and reused decreasing the amount of waste water and nutrients. Energy efficient LED technology provides all the light in the correct spectrum while minimizing heat and electricity costs.