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Smaller & Lighter

Smart-Cor™ technology and a new internal design reduces the size and weight of the Trailblazer, leaving more room on trucks and making it easier to move — even with cables and gear attached.

Easier mobility and uses less truck space and payload

Smaller and lighter, thanks to a redesigned engine/generator and advanced Smart-Cor technology.

5 inches shorter. Up to 108 pounds lighter

New technologies at work

Base model

  • Smart-Cor technology

    With independent welding and generating power in an improved, more compact design, Smart-Cor technology provides numerous benefits, including:

    • No interaction between jobsite tools and the welding arc
    • Stronger, cleaner, more efficient generator power
    • Reduced size and weight
    • Improved arc performance
  • Improved package design

    New design features of the Trailblazer include rotating the engine toward the front of the machine. The benefits include:

    • More efficient airflow
    • Quieter operation
    • Reduced size and weight
    • Easier maintenance

The new Trailblazer: less is more

New Trailblazer now 5 shorter