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Quieter and Better Sound

The new Trailblazer is up to 68% quieter than previous models, so you can start jobs earlier, end later, and do more work around noise-sensitive places like hospitals, businesses and residential areas.

  • Safer, more productive jobsite

    The new Trailblazer runs as low as 65 decibels — that's almost 11 fewer than previous models.

    Up to 68% sound reduction
  • Quieter and Better Sound

    Watch a video about what you'll hear — and what you won't hear — from the quieter, better-sounding Trailblazer.

New technologies at work

  • Base model

    • Auto-Speed™ technology

      Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts engine RPM to the load requirement — so your Trailblazer never runs harder — or louder — than it needs to.

    • Improved packaging design

      Rotating the engine toward the front of the unit reduces sound output by reversing airflow through the machine. This exclusive design also reduces the machine's size and helps it operate cooler and more efficiently.

  • Option

    Excel™ power

    Excel power allows you to use power tools, lights and other tools at idle speeds (2400 RPM) rather than 3600 RPM — making for a significantly quieter jobsite.

Significantly less noise

On a typical jobsite, it would take 12 new Trailblazers running simultaneously to equal the sound output of only one of the older model.

  • Sound of 12 New Trailblazers

  • Sound of 1 previous Trailblazer

Significantly less noise