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Kicking Gas and Changing the Game

Our new Trailblazer is engineered with exclusives that deliver exceptional on-the-job performance - so you can work more productively, efficiently, cost-effectively and comfortably than ever before.

  • Fewer refueling trips

    Get more work done with less need to stop for refueling. Optional Excel™ power and Electronic Fuel Injection help deliver maximum runtime.

    Up to 50% longer runtimes

    Significant cost savings

    Less fuel used means more money in your pocket. Enjoy the most savings with optional Excel power and Electronic Fuel Injection.

    Up to 35% less fuel

    Safer, more productive jobsite

    Redesigned engine/generator and advanced technologies help provide quieter operation so you can work earlier, later, and around noise-sensitive areas.

    Up to 68% sound reduction

    Easier mobility and uses less truck space and payload

    Smaller and lighter, thanks to redesigned engine/generator and advanced Smart-Cor™ technology.

    5 inches shorter. Up to 108 pounds lighter
  • Kicking Gas and Changing the Game

    See how the newly redesigned Trailblazer is more fuel efficient, quieter, and smaller!

    Trailblazer 325

New technologies at work

  • Base model

    Smart-Cor™ technology provides cleaner generator power and improved arc performance with no interaction between the two.

    Auto-Speed™ technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match generator load for better fuel economy.

    Innovative design creates more-efficient airflow by rotating the engine to the front.

  • Options

    Excel™ power provides up to 2400 watts of clean generator power at fuel-saving idle speed, even while welding.

    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) optimizes air/fuel ratio for better fuel economy, reliable operation and fast all-weather starts.
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    Battery Charge/Jump Start reduces downtime by charging dead batteries or jumping a stubborn engine to keep the crew working and the fleet up and running.