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Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

You'll save time and money with a new Trailblazer — because these new technologies help it use less fuel and run longer.

  • Fewer refueling trips

    Get more work done with less need to stop for refueling. Optional Excel™ power and Electronic Fuel Injection help deliver maximum runtime.

    Up to 50% longer runtimes

    Significant cost savings

    Less fuel used means more money in your pocket. Enjoy the most savings with optional Excel™ power and Electronic Fuel Injection.

    Up to 35% less fuel
  • Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

    Seeing is believing: watch the new fuel-efficient Trailblazer in action.

  • Base model

    Auto-Speed™ technology

    Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to match your actual weld load requirements, so your Trailblazer never consumes more fuel than it needs.

  • Option

    Excel™ power

    Excel power allows you to use power tools, lights and other tools at fuel-saving idle speeds (2400 RPM) rather than 3600 RPM.

  • Option

    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

    Add EFI to your Trailblazer to optimize the air/fuel ratio for all engine speeds and loads — and significantly enhance fuel savings and extend runtimes.
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Step up to superior savings

  • Longest runtimes

    Longest runtimes
  • Annual fuel savings

    Annual fuel savings