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Fuel Savings

Available on the Bobcat 250, EFI gas engines optimize the air/fuel ratio, resulting in lower operational costs, fewer emissions, longer runtimes and better performance.

  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

    EFI gas engines optimize the air/fuel ratio for all engine speeds and engine loads, which can result in lower operational costs. Specifying the EFI option on your new Bobcat welder/generator can pay for itself in fuel savings alone in just a matter of months — and save up to $1,000 in fuel costs in a year. And because a Bobcat welder/generator with EFI uses up to 27% less fuel, it can run up to 27% longer on tank — which means you can get more work done without stopping to fill up.

    Up to 27% less fuel with optional EFI
  • Fuel Savings

    See the savings for yourself in this video about the Bobcat's available EFI technology.

Additional EFI benefits

  • Fast, easy starts

    Carbureted gas engines often require the manual adjustment of a choke mechanism to richen the air/fuel mixture for starting in cold temperatures. The optimized air/fuel ratio of EFI ensures fast, easy starting in any climate or temperature — no choke required.

    12,000 watts of generator power

    The reliable delivery of an optimal air/fuel ratio for all engine speeds and engine loads means your new Bobcat welder/generator can deliver more peak generator power: 1,000 more watts than carbureted models.

  • Reliable operation

    Long periods of infrequent use can lead to fuel deterioration, which can noticeably affect the starting and operation of carbureted gas engines. EFI gas engines are less affected by long periods of infrequent use, so you can depend on easier starts and smoother operation.

    Reduced emissions

    EFI gas engines not only consume less fuel, they also emit fewer pollutants. A Bobcat welder/generator with EFI produces 27% less carbon monoxide (CO) and 33% fewer hydrocarbons (HC)/nitrogen oxides (NOx) than carbureted models.