Sculpture: "Precarious Stand, but Still on Top"

Artist: Terrence Karpowicz, Chicago

Professional metal artist Terrence Karpowicz says that "Precarious Stand, but Still on Top" was inspired by world news about pollution. He notes that the interlocking rings in the sculpture work as a metaphor for a planet that is delicately balanced on a sphere. "The inhabitants of our planet have the obligation to bring the environment back into equilibrium with itself," Karpowicz says.

Karpowicz has been creating sculptures since 1972, although he notes that his first sculptures were not actually completed until the late 1980s. He likes working with metal as a component to the overall composition of the sculpture. "Precarious Stand, but Still on Top" was completed over the course of more than a year and was created using a Miller® Trailblazer®, Maxstar® 150 and Passport® 180.