Sculpture: "Cubis Largo"

Artist: Ron Gard, Chicago

Ron Gard describes his sculpture "Cubis Largo" as a cube of space enclosed by a cube of stainless steel. Gard notes that he created a similar work in the past using a sphere, and wanted to create a rectilinear work in order to obtain a reflective surface to mimic the cube of space. "Cubis Largo" took more than a month to complete.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, Gard moved into the world of commercial art, starting from scratch and building a design and construction house for print, film and television. For more than 30 years, he has owned and designed at Ron Gard Ltd., crafting props, sculpture, and conventional or sometimes off-the-wall "rooms" and exteriors for movies and national commercial advertising campaigns. Through his endeavors, Gard has maintained and nurtured his art, sculpting three-dimensional pieces in a variety of materials. Ron's works are displayed in numerous public art venues and are included in many private and corporate collections.