Sculpture: "Wacko"

Artist: John Adduci, Chicago

John Adduci has worked out of his Chicago studio in the Old Town neighborhood for more than 30 years as an internationally recognized artist, utilizing the fluidity of metal to express both movement and stability in outdoor sculpture. It took Adduci approximately two months to complete "Wacko," which was made of aluminum and inspired by his fascination with pirates. Wackos were denizens of the South China Sea and known for their cold-bloodedness.

Since 1984, his studio, Adduci Sculpture, has created public projects including metal fabrication, bronze and steel sculptures, and design and feasibility construction. For his personal sculptures, Adduci uses nonferrous bronze or aluminum: metals that can be placed outdoors without being noticeably affected by the elements. Adduci notes that by grinding or sanding the metals' surfaces, one can create visual texture, which energizes the piece so that it requires little future maintenance. He notes that the Miller® welders he uses daily are easy to maintain as well.