Sculpture: "Within Reach"

Artist: Eric W. Stephenson, Chicago

Metal artist Eric Stephenson describes his sculpture "Within Reach" as a piece that delights in the moment, spinning and twisting upward. As light reflects off its stainless form, it reveals warmth previously hidden within its angular lines. By using the body as a means of surveying space, and by contrasting the organic and the man-made, the work investigates the point of transition that occurs when these diverse conditions collide. The sculpture is welded stainless steel, reaches a height of 12 feet and is a result of more than 300 hours of design and fabrication.

A metal artist for more than 25 years, Eric Stephenson likes the industrial nature of the materials he works with and their ability to look and feel both hard and soft. He completed "Within Reach" using his Millermatic® 251 MIG and Miller Econotig® welders.