Sculpture: "Foci"

Artist: Derick Malkemus, Chicago

Sculptor Derick Malkemus notes that his work "Foci" references the focus points of an ellipse and is a recent example of his exploration of adjustable sculpture configurations, the goal being a different gesture and feel for any given installation. Malkemus reports spending an "exorbitant" amount of time creating the tools that he used to create "Foci" and that he often has been told that some of the tools he creates are art in their own right.

Malkemus is a sculptor and lead metal fabricator at Vector Custom Fabricating, a supplier and fabricator of architectural and ornamental metal. He explains that his job responsibilities include figuring out how to build any given project, be it a sculpture for another artist or a monumental architectural project. Malkemus notes that the same skills used in his professional employment inform his approach to his own artwork, and that he has been building his visual vocabulary for the past 25 years, striving for a visual lyricism that bypasses any instant verbal recognition in a quest for guttural reaction of the viewer that touches the same synapses as instrumental music. All of his creations are completed with his eight Miller® welders.