Leland Vetter, Torrington, WY

Mr. Leland Vetter is an outstanding instructor who started a welding and machining program about 30 years ago at Eastern Wyoming College. Mr. Vetter and his staff built the program to be the best one in the state. I'd say it is probably one of the best programs in the country.

Our program is unique because it also includes a mobile tractor trailer setup outfitted to teach people how to improve their welding skills right on the job location. The truck travels the state including the coalmines of Wyoming.

For as long as I have known Mr. Vetter he has continued to set high goals for himself and provides many opportunities for his students. He also has the ability to encourage his students to push themselves even farther than they ever imagined and to become the best! He focuses all of his efforts into teaching us everything he knows, so when we graduate we are prepared to enter into the expanding Wyoming energy industry.

Our shop is outfitted with many Miller power sources ranging from the CP 302 to the Dynasty 200. They are outstanding and reliable power sources.

I couldn't think of a better or more deserving person to nominate than Mr. Vetter. He is one of the most intelligent instructors and he loves his job. He instills leadership skills desire commitment and knowledge into every single student who graduates from EWC. If you choose Mr. Vetter you will have selected one incredible welder/machinist of honest character.