Fernando Tagle, Corpus Christi, TX

Nominated by John

My Hero

Growing up I watched my Hero and father go to night school to become a certified welder while maintaining a full-time job and raising his family. He is now 64 and doesn't even think about retiring. Although he doesn't burn rods all day long at Western Steel like he used to, when he is short-handed, usually Mondays or Fridays, he gets in there and gets the job done. It is because of his fortitude and resilience that I am who I am today. I am proud to say my father, Fernando Tagle, is my Hero in Welding.

Making a Difference

We've all been there when an engineer or architect decides they want something changed last minute. My dad was given a task a while back, with no prints or drawings; just improvise a 12-foot catwalk across an opening so operators can get closer to gauges. He did it in a day and half. The engineer was so impressed with his work, he tried to pay my dad more money. He refused.

Welding Application

My dad is an Ironworker, so his crew does a lot of Stick welding. His co-workers know my dad as one of the fairest, most trustworthy and reliable men they work with.

Miller on the Job

My dad works with the Trailblazerâ„¢ 302 Air Pack using a wireless remote. He credits his Air Pack as a real fuel saver and the wireless remote saves him hours every week.

I think he is exceptional, because he came from a family of cotton pickers to start working pipeline, and decided that he needed to plant some roots, go to school, be an apprentice, a journeyman and a foreman. He is so confident in his role at a construction site and still throws down some of the prettiest beads you'll ever see.