Ed Murray, Signal Hill, CA

Nominated by his colleague Todd Cantebury

My Hero

My nomination is Mr. Ed Murray of Lakewood, Calif. Ed has been the man to go to in the Long Beach, Calif. metropolitan area for 40 years. If anyone needed the highest quality welding, Mr. Murray was the only source!

Making a Difference

On many occasions Ed has worked on the most exotic alloys and processes. His breadth of knowledge on welding processes and materials is literally AMAZING! What has never failed to impress me or my Boeing colleagues is Ed's knowledge of welding processes! On many occasions, I have gotten a second opinion from Ed despite having access to a legion of Boeing research, materials, and technology experts!

Welding Application

Ed on occasion speaks fondly of his career, which spans from the first jet engines by Westinghouse to the welding of the Minuteman missiles, and many other defense systems that have kept this country safe. Ed is only one of a handful of aircraft welders certified by the FAA in the Long Beach area.

Miller on the Job

Ed is a WW II U.S. Navy veteran who proudly served in the Pacific theater. He is a devout Miller product user and has told me to NEVER buy anything else but Miller! Sadly, at age 86, Ed will be retiring from the profession, and I felt a bit of recognition would be appropriate!