Daniel McMillen, Strongsville, Ohio

Nominated by Michael McMillen

My Hero

I nominated my father, Daniel McMillen. Dad started as a meter reader for Columbia Gas in the '70s. He was chosen to become a welder where he was taught the trade on live gas mains! He retired several years back and now runs a small shop out of his garage. He doesn't weld to make money. He charges the minimal amount in an effort to cover his costs. He welds to help those who need a professional.

He is a master at figuring out solutions to problems. My 8-year-old son has autism. Dad has engineered products to keep him safe and our family sane! For example, he welded a metal bar that mounts to the ceiling to keep the Christmas tree up (my son continuously knocked it down). He has also engineered locks for our doors so my son cannot run away. He is the smartest guy I know.

Making a Difference

Dad has inspired at least three others to learn the trade and work professionally as welders. One is my brother, one is a childhood friend of the family (a neighbor when I was growing up), and the final person has replaced Dad at the gas company. When his replacement was chosen, Dad worked with him in his off-duty time to ensure he passed the required tests.

Welding Application

Dad welds it all. No job is too big or too small. While at Columbia Gas, he was a certified pipe welder and now welds many different jobs from his shop or on location. Recently, he was called to a greenhouse to weld a "T" on a live gas main. Tomorrow he will be headed to an outdoor shooting range to complete a job. Miller on the JobDad's portable trailer utilizes a Miller [welder/generator]. He has used it for many years.