Steven George, Fairbanks, AK

Nominated by Ulf Jonsson

Steven George started his Hero career by serving 23 years in the United States Army. After retiring from the Army he received an MBA and worked for a major corporation. He became frustrated by the lack of excellence and pride in corporate life compared to the culture in the US Army.

Steven ultimately quit his well-paid management job and went back to school to become a professional welder. After some time in the field gaining experience he desired to become more proficient so he went back to school for an Advanced Pipe Welding Program at Alaska University.

Today Steven was the lead in fabricating a small power plant we designed. The end result is a showpiece where Senators, Generals and other VIP's get tours. Every weld on the plant regardless of its location is stunningly beautiful.

I had many discussions regarding pride and quality with Steven during my visits to Alaska and it was like experiencing Crawford's book Shop Class as Soulcraft in real life.

He is a big fan of Miller equipment. He mainly uses a Miller XMT350 with S-74 feeder and a coolmate. He shows up in the morning wearing a clean bright shirt and clean Miller jacket and he keeps his tools in perfect condition. To take the step from a management career to pursue a career and reach ultimate excellence as a professional welder truly qualifies Steven George as a Miller Welding Hero of the highest rank.