Benjamin Clement, Price, UT

I am nominating my dad as a welding hero because he taught me how to weld. It was thanks to my Dad's teaching skills that I won the Utah State Skills USA Welding competition and placed fifth at nationals.

While still in High School my Dad spent countless hours showing me welding techniques and explaining welding concepts. He can wield an oxy-feul cutting torch better than anyone I know and can teach anyone to cut like a pro in just a few hours.

He worked as a welder for 10 years before he injured his back. He went back to school and earned a degree. Today he is the head of his department at the Geographic Information System. He still welds. He is working a second job at Allterra Vehicle design. He proudly uses miller equipment to weld parts for a concept man-trip for the mining industry.

He uses TIG and MIG processes. He taught me that a good fitter is a good welder and true to his word he can fit up weldments to near perfection. He helped me run my freelance business the summer after I graduated from high school.

In my estimation my Dad can do anything and everything. Today I am keeping him up to date on welding processes while I attend college to get my welding engineering degree. He is the most intelligent and kind man I know and will always be my welding hero!