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Drag racing is a way of life for Chris and Elaine Larsen, a husband and wife team who formed Larsen Motorsports, Haines City, Fla. Chris is the crew chief and Elaine the driver for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University and Miller Jet Dragsters. Regarded as one of the nation’s

leaders in turbine-powered race vehicles, they are among the most requested exhibition jet dragster teams in North America. Appearances at NASCAR, IRL, NHRA and IHRA events continue to top their sold-out seasons. These automotive enthusiast groups recognize Larsen Motorsports for its ability to consistently deliver exciting and safe entertainment on the track.

Larsen Group

The Larsens join Miller’s motorsports program with a mission to educate and promote welding through all levels of racing, inspiring fabricators with the knowledge and tools to succeed, both on the track and off.

Larsen Logo
2004Elaine Larsen’s “The Miss Ta Fire” jet dragster rolled into action in January 2004.
2004 Larsen Motorsports partners with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, integrating dragster racing with their aviation and aerospace education program.
2005The “Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster” is built and raced for the first time.
2009Miller partners with Larsen Motorsports to build the "Miller Jet Dragster," publicly unveiled in April 2010.
Jet Dragster

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen, crew chief for Larsen Motorsports, has an engineering passion that bridges both the performance automotive racing and aerospace industries. Having worked on Citation jets for the Cessna Aircraft Company for 17 years, Larsen is certified with a FAA Airframe and Powerplant degree and carries a Complex High Performance Single Engine Land Aircraft pilot rating. He has nearly three decades of high performance automotive racing background experience, including SCTA Land Speed Record, Hydroplane Racing, USAC Sprint, Dirt & Asphalt Late Model, Indy Racing League, Busch Series Stock Car, SOD Sprint Car, Exhibition Jet Dragster, Top Alcohol Dragster, Competition Eliminator, Super Gas, Super Pro, and extensive professional competition engine machining and building.

Chris Larsen

"In North America, 52,000 licensed drivers within NHRA are wrenching and racing; there is a class for everyone. Every one of those cars is someone's little hot rod. if a '69 Camaro or an '81 Mustang is your deal, weld a roll bar on that baby and bring it to the track. We have a place for you!"

- Chris Larsen

Why We Built The Dragster ?

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The Miller Jet Dragster was painted with Matrix System’s Aqualution™, a new high performance waterborne basecoat system. Designed to utilize today’s proven OEM technologies, Aqualution combines 66 specialized toners and pearls to provide outstanding color match and exceptional performance in an environmentally friendly package that meets future VOC requirements.

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