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Elaine Larsen has over a decade of drag racing experience and is the driver of Miller’s Jet Dragster and the Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster. She has always had a love of racing and a need for speed. Twenty years after seeing her first Jet Funny Car, she was in the driver’s seat on the track.

After six years in NHRA Division 2 racing, Elaine moved up to compete in the NHRA Super Classes and then took the leap to jet power. Her first jet dragster, The Miss Ta Fire, rolled into action in January 2004. Elaine loves the feel of the 6,000-horsepower jet car, which, for the moment, fulfills her need for speed. She is one of only a few women in the world who currently drive Jet Dragsters.

Elaine’s fast-paced lifestyle extends off the track, where she is a proud mother and dedicated wife/business partner to Chris Larsen. Together, they join the ranks of many successful families in motorsports today.

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Why We Built The Dragster ?

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Favorite Nascar driver: Carl Edwards
Famous person (dead or alive) that is your inspiration: Janet Guthrie
Favorite Saying: Hey, did I do that?
Pet Peeve: Lazy people
What kind of vehicle do you drive: Corvette
Biggest Fear: Failure
Favorite Food: German Chocolate Cake
Favorite Past Time: Working out! If you believe that I have some great swamp land to sell you here in Florida! Sitting on the beach watching the waves. But who has any spare time if you truly love racing. So it would be hanging at the drag strip with my family. I love racing!!!!