Meet Troy Johnson, director and founder of The Fab School

"We're not just a welding school, we're a fabrication school. We go into design, sheet metal, tubing, building the bodies, prep - there are many jobs that you could be part of on an off-road team. We average a 96 percent placement rate and place these guys somewhere where their passion is. My passion is to help you find a job you are passionate about."  - Troy Johnson

The Fab School, located in Riverside, Calif., is a private, post-secondary, vocational school that specializes in the fundamentals of metal fabrication. The school has been educating students on the technical skills and theories of fabrication since 2005, providing hands-on training in a real-world, working fabrication shop environment.

The program schedules are fast paced. The curriculum embraces the hands-on approach to learning, and the class size is designed to allow for group work as well as individualized attention. Students can complete all three programs in as little as seven months.

In addition to the school, Fab School students helped to build a Miller Welders custom welding trailer for mobile repair use at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers. A small group of students and staff accompanied Miller and the Blue Torch Fabworks team at the event and assisted race team participants with mobile repair as needed.

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