Meet brothers Lonny and Jason Childress of Gateway Classic Mustang

"They may look vintage, but don't be fooled. Our Mustangs leave the shop driving like current rides." - Lonny Childress

Brothers Lonny and Jason Childress started Gateway Classic Mustang in 1999 with their minds set on creating vintage-inspired cars that you can and want to actually drive. Located 75 miles southwest of St. Louis, Gateway Classic Mustang is a leading builder of classic Mustangs and does everything in house except for building engines and transmissions. They even developed a suspension product (under the name Gateway Performance Suspension) and sell it, among other Mustang aftermarket products, out of their shop and online at and

Their team of five employees does partial and complete restorations, including fabrication, sheet metal replacement, paint and body and mechanical work on Mustangs (years 1965 - 2011). Gateway Classic Mustang relies exclusively on Miller for its welding and cutting needs. Miller product managers have worked collaboratively with Lonny and Jason over the last six years to share product knowledge, resources and unique opportunities, as the company executes world-class projects for its clients.

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