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Ratted and Tatted

by T. Hand
  • Ratted and Tatted
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    As a kid i learned what a rat rod was, and ever since then I've wanted to build one. So over the years I started picking up pieces and parts off old 1920's pick ups. And have got enough to start building a custom rat rod truck that will have the style and character that I want it to have. Not some guy behind a desk. And that's what I love about these vehicles, the look, style, and character of the builder. Since there isn't gonna be many body panels or paint on this I gotta make the welds look somewhat good and I'm not the best welder or have been welding very long. I've been learning on this build add I go. The pic I've included is of when i picked up the body and was just test fitting it and sing what it looked like before the top gets chopped and lots more custom touches. Since then I've chopped the top and built a custom z'd frame. But I've had to move into a house with only a garage and not a shop. So the project has unfortunately been stopped for the time being. But I'm looking to get a shop space with a friend that has been helping to teach me to weld real soon. So i can get back to working on my creation and take on an old truck. Thanks

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