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Camerons 1st Christmas

by R. Puryear
  • Camerons 1st Christmas
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  • Project Description

    Revamped Radio Flyer wagon, added 1in tube frame, Gokart wheels, Cedar rails, all st steel bolts, with umbrella holder hitch on rear, all done by a Miller 200 mig!!! and help from GOD!

    Build Process

    Removed all old rusted , rotted parts. Sand blasted all, Made axle from 3/8 tubing. turned down 5/8 bolts to fit into tubing, welded, made collars for bearing stops, and welded them in tube, made all woden sides from cedar lumber, used white oak for up rite pieces , for standards.floor was rusted out pretty bad had to weld up all holes, then I primed all, and sprayed truck bed lining in the bottom, for a cover, then I painted all with Dupont acr-enamel, w/hardner, made a stincil of the letters I wanted to use, and painted them on, Decal would have been good, but this was special project, for my gran sons Christmas.

    Tools Used

    Cedar lumber that was cut on the farm, notbought, planded it down with a delta planer, cut standards out of Oak, this board came off a 20+ year old fence that was torn down, several years ago, hard as a brick, Planer wouldnt touch it, I belt canded it with a sears belt sander, and 40 grit paper at 1st then 100 grit, then finished with D/A sander 320 paper, finished it with minwax satin clear, and early american stain.The frame was primed and then painted with Plastic coat paints, lettering was done with white Rustoleum paint.

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