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Security Mailbox

by J. Bills
Owners Club Member
  • Security Mailbox
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  • Project Description

    Mailbox for when you go on vacation or for everyday use. My mother asked me to build her a mailbox so they wouldn't have to have their neighbors pick up their mail when they leave for extended periods of time. It has removable trays in the top for everyday use or you can remove it for vacation so the mail falls into the bottom. The rear tray can be removed to allow for extra storage for extended periods of time. It has a 3" square tubing up into the bottom and bolted through the square tubing so it will brake away if hit by a vehicle.

    Build Process

    It is built from 1 & 1/4 sheets of 4'X8' 14 gauge. I made the hinges out of 1-1/4" diameter bar stock and 5/8" diameter bar stock. I drilled a 5/8" hole in the 1-1/4" bar stock and welded the pieces of 1-1/4" to the sides. I cut the main pieces out with a plasma cutter. Tacked all sides except the front and built the door. I bent the doors and top on a brake. Welded inside and out and then installed the front panel. They already had the 3" square tube in the ground so I cut a hole in the bottom to slip over the post. Reinforced the hole with 2 pieces of 2" X 2" X 1/4" angle iron. Found weld on numbers as a special touch. Made the flag out of leftovers. Primed and painted to my mothers preferences.

    Tools Used

    2-4'X8' sheets of 14 ga. 1-1/4"bar stock, 5/8" bar stock, panel lock, epoxy primer, paint. Welded with my Millermatic 252 and .035" wire. Cut with many 4-1/2" cut off wheels and plasma cutter. Bar stock cut with Evolution 15" cold saw. Brake and jet lathe. Cleaned up edges with dewalt 4-1/2" grinder and flap wheels.

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