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    This is an inflated sculpture designed to illustrate the nature of containing emissions by industrial waste and using bi-products as a renewable resource. I used 28ga stainless steel(30304). 46x37x17"

    Build Process

    I used .68" threaded bungs welded to a 14ga flange cut with hole saw, welded around the neck so that I did not have to preheat the bung going strait to the 28ga. This allows the puddle to form quickly without warpage and carbon build up from preheating. Then simply place the bung through the 28ga from the inside with a clamp brace(14ga with large hole to fit around the bung and room to work)holding even pressure around the flange. Once the bung is secure place the sheets flat together, like an envelop or pillow case, and fusion weld the seams, 1/32 electrode, mix gas(co2/argon), 5-8A, (you may need to black-out the room to see the puddle). After that add a little air(bicycle pump works very well)and in flat to desired shape. I chose to inflate to the point of failure for maximum wrinkles and character(and to test my welds to identify strength). all parts were then polished and finished for final assembly. Lastly tack all of the pieces together.

    Tools Used

    Shear, super clean sharp aviation snips, file, clamps and brace for flange, 1/32 electrode, #7 cup, water cooled tig machine, 60g & 2000g sand paper, horizontal belt sander, grinder, air valve, threaded pipe, hand air pump, cutter/buffer, tri-poly/blue compound

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