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Stall Feeder For Horse

by R. Montana
  • Stall Feeder For Horse
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    Feeding apparatus that mounts into a horse stall so that hay can be loaded from outside the stall through a door and the horse can eat by pulling the hay through the feeder bars. Feeder also swings open into the stall to allow for cleaning out as required. There are several manufacturers that have similar products on the market, but most are for integration into their specific stall setups. We constructed our stalls out of lumber that has been left in the barn when we purchased our property. We then fabricated two of these custom stall feeders out of used steel and 3/4" pipe. They work really well and keep the animals from wasting so much hay. Materials and Tools: Tools used were: Miller Dial Arc 250, Miller Econotig 150 (both old machines that still work very well), E6011 Stick rod, ER70S-3 TIG wire, bench mounted hydraulic pipe bender (Harbor Freight), 4-1/2" right angle grinder (cut off discs, sanding pads, wire brush wheel), chop saw, Drill press with 7/16", 13/16" bits, 5/16"-18UNC tap & drill, clamps, tape measure, squares, levels Materials used: 3/4" sch. 40 pipe, 1"sch 10 pipe or tube with ID to fit over 3/4" sch 40 (hinges), 1/8"th x 1"w flat bar, 1/4"th. x 1-1/2"w flat bar, 3/8"th. x 2"w flat bar, expanded metal (door), 3/4"-10 UNC x 3"L bolts w/nuts (pivot hinge), 1/2"dia clevis pin or bar, swing set chain, angle 2"x2"x1/4".

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