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Patio Furniture

by J. English
  • Patio Furniture
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    This is an outdoor table frame that is designed to have a top of any convenient type simply dropped into it. For this top, I chose a piece of preserved plywood covered with grouted tiles. The idea is that the top can be stored indoors during the off season months while the metal base stays outdoors and is touched up from time to time with a little spray paint. It was built with four pieces of angle iron, four pieces of square tube and four metal gussets TIG welded with butt joints (but could be lap joints) and tee joints. The pieces are cut to length or size with a hacksaw and filed to precise size and fit. The dimensions are custom. With the tiled top, I cut the lengths of the angle iron to correspond to whole tiles. The legs are 16" to create a table that is about the height for our lounge chairs. The gussets allow the legs to be set back from the edge just enough to make it aesthetically OK. By picking different side lengths and leg heights, you could create an outdoor eating table, smaller side tables or even a frame for a small open fireplace (by installing a fabricated metal insert instead of the flat top). We live in an area with good wind storms. This lawn furniture does not blow away like the epoxy stuff. Materials and Tools: Materials: Four pieces of 1-1/2 inch angle iron cut to length with 45 degree mitered ends. Four 2" square tubes cut to 16 inches. Four metal gussets cut from 1/8" mild steel plate. Tools: Measuring tape Hacksaw File Square Protractor Miller Syncrowave 200

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