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Log Skidder

by P. Besharah
  • Log Skidder
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    For 20 years I have been hauling out about 14 cords of firewood from our bush with a pickup truck. I wanted something dependable and easy to fix. I had considered a used farm tractor but the cost and buying someone else problems did not suit me With the help of a friend I designed a buggy type skidder that would do the job and could be repaired easily with parts from any automotive or hydraulic shop ( No searching endlessly through junkyards) The power plant is a 13hp gas motor/hydraulic pump that powers a hydraulic motor that drives both rear wheels through a chain and sprocket on a jack shaft. I decided on the hydraulic drive for the forward and reverse. This eliminates having to find a used transmission. Top speed is a fast walk. The high torque ratio allowed us to drag a Chevy tracker in gear and parking brake on. The electric winch allows me to lift the leading ends of the logs up so they do not dig in while being skidded out The main frame is 4" x .188" square tube and 1" ID .100" round tube for the roll cage. I am using one of the square tube frame sides for my hydraulic fluid reservoir. Tools used: Millermatic 180 auto-set MIG Everlast plasma cutter Abrasive wheel chop saw Various 4.5“ angle grinders Oxy fuel torches Various hand tools

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