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CNC Three Axis Router/Plasma Cutting Table

by N. Monteleone
  • CNC Three Axis Router/Plasma Cutting Table
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    I wanted a CNC Machine that I could attach a router for wood working or a plasma for metal cutting. These machines are quite expensive so I decided to make my own. After much research on the internet, I came up with a plan. Machine dimensions are approx 65"x65" and the cutting area is 49”x49” I can design a project in the computer CAD program and the machine will automatically cut it out. If I do one or 50 they will all be identical. That's CNC (computer numerical control)! Build Description 2"x2" square tube (main frame & legs)3/4" square tube (diag bracing & table bed)1" cr round (X and Y rails)5/8" aluminum (rail and bearing supports)3/4"x6 tpi Acme screws (drive screws)4 495oz stepper motors4 axis driver (stepper drive)Misc-bearings, bronze bushings, nuts, bolts, New Desktop computer & CAD/CAM software Materials and Tools Metal cutting saw, Miller 150 MIG welder, Jet Milling Machine, Jet Lathe, Drill Press, Tap & Die set

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