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Bench-top Box/Pan Sheet Metal Brake

by J. Hartnell
  • Bench-top Box/Pan Sheet Metal Brake
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  • Project Description

    This bench-top box/pan brake can bend sheet metal into various shapes. It mounts to a workbench. It can accept up to four foot wide stock and bend 135 degrees. With the various width teeth, they can be adjusted to fit the width of the bend needed within minutes with one wrench. The clamping thickness can be adjusted from 0 to about 0.25 inches, but I would be extremely lucky to bend something that thick. The throat can open to over four inches. This brake was built from scrap I received for free. It was more for fun rather than saving money, and I could not buy exactly what I wanted. I modeled it in CAD, cut parts and welded it together. The main part was made from 4x4x0.25 inch steel angle stock. Levers and links were made from the scrap left after cutting the main angle stock. End plates are 0.5 inch stock. Teeth are 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 6 inch wide by 0.5 thick bar stock. I only paid for welding wire and gas. Materials and Tools Circular Saw w/ Metal Cutter, Air Die Grinder, Bench-top Belt Sander, Bench-top Drill Press, M10X1.5 Tap, 110V MIG Welder, Various Hand Tools

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