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2x72 Abrasive Belt Grinder

by J. Stabe
  • 2x72 Abrasive Belt Grinder
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  • Project Description

    My project is a 1 ½ hp, 6000 SFPM belt grinder that I built for fabrication projects. The head rotates from horizontal to vertical to grind with either the 10" wheel or the 18” flat platen . The work rest can be set at any angle and works in either position. The belt tracking adjusters adjust the wheels in any plane and the belt tracks without crowning the wheels. The spring assembly maintains belt tension. The black tube on the stand swings up to move the machine around. This thing really removes metal quick. Almost all the steel for my projects is scrap so I usually have remnants left over. The only steel I had to buy was 2 1/2" angle for the platen. I had the pulleys, motor and pillow blocks from other dismantled machines. The wheels cost $125.I laid out the wheels and belt then drew the framework to support. I used telescoping tubes to adjust arm length allowing other sized wheels to be used. Parts were cut, beveled, tacked and final welded. Tracking adjusters, head rotating indexer and spring tensioner were all designed and fabricated. The stand was built. Materials and Tools MIG welder, dry cut chop saw, drill press, 4 1/2" angle grinder, orbital sander (rust removal), band saw, 1/4, 3/8" and 1/2" taps, milling machine (used but not required), framing square, level, clamps, wrenches, sockets

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