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DIY 8x10 Shipping Container

by H. Ortega
  • DIY 8x10 Shipping Container
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    I recently moved into a house with no storage for my metalworking tools, so i was considering the idea of just getting a converted shipping container for a quick solution. After pricing out a few of them just decided that it was not in the best solution (not cheap nor pretty). Then looking at what I had available in my scrap pile I decided to make me a Work shed with a roll up door, little window to match my house. I did have to buy some new steel for this project but was at a fraction of the cost. Build Description First I started off with the base a 8x10 steel frame that is raised off the ground 12". Frame is made out of 4" angle and 4" square tube. from there i made the rest of the structure out of 14Ga. tubular steel and a couple of steel trusses that i had picked up at a scrap yard. The outside walls and roof was clad in 22Ga corrugated unfinished mild steel. the walls are removable in sections, and the structure can easily be moved with a forklift. Materials and Tools Millermatic 210, chop saw, grinder, cutting torch and a come-along.

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