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by D. Tanner
  • BBQ Pit
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    Custom BBQ Pit with upright smoke box and firebox grill. Includes removable food trays, heat deflector/baffle with adjustable tuning plates for even heat distribution, adjustable firebox air intake, adjustable stainless steel pyramid smokestack damper, counterweight on horizontal door for easy opening, unique upright door latching mechanism, side access door on main chamber and fire box, flanged doors to provide a tight seal for heat retention, custom door hinges, stainless steel handles, custom Denver Bronco’s logo, fold down stainless steel front shelf, stainless steel thermometers with protective guards, brass ball valve, chrome legs, log rack, and heavy duty casters. Build Description Materials: Carbon steel: 20” pipe (¼“ thickness), ¼ plate, angle iron, flat bar, expanded metal, rod, tubing, couplings, bolts, nuts, washers, and weld rod. Stainless steel: Plate, rod, spring handles, washers, tubing, and weld rod. Miscellaneous parts: Chrome cylinder rod, ball valve, thermometers, high heat paint, heavy-duty casters. Steps: Plan out idea, collect materials, and cut/bend parts to desired length/shape. Throughout various stages of fabrication: fit/weld parts together, torch cut desired openings/doors, add items such as hinges, door flanges, dampers, shelves, counterweight, door latches, thermometers, casters, paint, etc. Materials and Tools Tools: Miller Syncrowave 250, oxy/acetylene torch, 5” angle grinder, grinding wheels, sanding pads, flap wheels, metal cutting saw, chop saw, band saw, bending brake, small parts bender, die grinder, bur bits, pry bar, C-Clamps, drill, drill bits, hammer, center punch, pipe wrap, levels, centering head, chalk, chalk line, tape measure, framing square, straight edge, pipe jacks, and appropriate personnel protective equipment such as welding hood, face shield, safety glasses, steel toes, ear plugs, gloves, etc.

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