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Aluminum Boat Trailer

by W. Meek
  • Aluminum Boat Trailer
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    My first ever Aluminum welding was building my boat four years ago. It was a six month weekends only project. Thanks to Millermatic 251 it was easy to weld. I needed to build a trailer for salt water as steel rusts to easy. The aluminum trailers on line were all bolted together because they said welded aluminum results in stress cracks. Photos show most of the welds and I have never seen a stress crack in my boat welds and the same alloy was used in the trailer. I used 25 foot I-beams cut and welded at bend with added gussets top and bottom. Welded two channels together for tongue, the trailer is welded together except axels, cross members for bunks, brake actuator, jack and lights. Materials and Tools: Millermatic 251 with Spoolmatic 30A, 5358 3/64” alum. welding wire. Miter saw, circular saw, tape measure, square, wrenches, s/s wire brush. 2- 6”x4” x 25' I-Beams, 1- 2”x3” X 20' Rectangular tube .250 wall. 4- 3”x 1.410 Channels, 2- 3500LBS torflex axels with EZ lube spindles, Stainless steel disc brakes and actuator. 2- Tandem alum. fenders, 6- S/S U bolts Square bend, 1- 3'x10'x 1/2” UHMW Plastic, 5- 15” Alum. Rims with tires. Various S/S Bolts, Washers & nylon nuts, Safety chains.

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