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Project: Air Tool Rack

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This rack easily mounts to the wall, and keeps all your air tools off the bench and floor. And, you’ll know where the air tool is that you need, instead of looking all over for it. Here you can get 10 holders in a 2-foot (60.96 cm) span – customize it to your needs. The holder makes for quick tool changeover – just what you need when you’re trying to save time!

Creation Time: 1-2 Hrs Skill Level: Beginner Suggested Process: MIG

Materials Needed

  • 2 feet (60.96 cm) of 3½ x 3½ (8.89 x 8.89 cm) x ¼ inch (.635 cm) angle iron
  • (8 to 10) ¼ inch (.635 mm) Pipe Couplings or Caps
  • (8 to 10) Air Couplings

Tools Needed


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1. Divide the piece into enough spaces for your air tools. Lay them out in front of the piece of angle iron to get an idea of how to space the couplings. In this case, we just set it up for eight couplings.
2. Weld the ¼ inch (.635 cm) pipe coupling to the angle iron.
3. Screw in the air coupler.
Drill hole in the bracket above the pipe coupling for easy access to oiling your tools - be sure to cover holes to avoid dust contamination.
Use cart on the bottom to roll around the garage.

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