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Welding solutions for manufacturers of agricultural, construction, mining, and lifting equipment.


Best Practices

Power Sources

Miller industrial power sources are renowned for their durability and reliability. Choose from a variety of models specifically designed for high volume production welding.

Power Sources
  • Axcess®

    Advanced welding process capabilities for industrial welding applications


    Outstanding versatility and performance across multiple arc welding processes

    ProHeat™ 35

    Unique induction heating system brings a part to temperature in a fraction of the time

  • Deltaweld®

    MIG solution for the most demanding industrial manufacturing applications

    Invision MPa™

    Versatile MIG/Pulsed MIG inverter power source with synergic capability

Miller Exclusives

  • Accu-Pulse®

    Precise pulse arc control provides optimum puddle control and travel speed


    Rock steady arc performance, even when primary power fluctuates


    Fan only operates when needed, reducing power consumption and noise

  • RMD®

    Low spatter short circuit process for thin material, gaps, and stainless steel

    Wind Tunnel

    Special air flow design protects internal electronics from dirt, dust, & debris

Hobart® Filler Metals

Hobart filler metals, including tubular wires (flux-cored and metal-cored), solid wires and stick electrodes are designed to improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Hobart Brothers Filler Metal

Metal-Cored Wire

  • FabCOR® 86R

    Low smoke and spatter along with deoxidation elements to weld over mill scale

    FabCOR Edge™

    Fewer silicon islands save time/money cleaning prior to painting/coating


    Designed for maximum performance in automated and robotic applications

    Metalloy® 70X

    High deposition rate, with fume generation rates comparable to solid wire

  • Metalloy 80D2

    Designed specifically for high strength, low alloy steels

    Metalloy 90

    Suitable for high strength low alloy steels in applications requiring excellent impact properties

    Metalloy 100

    Excellent for single or multiple pass welding of high strength low alloy steels

    Metalloy 110

    Designed for single or multiple pass welding of high strength and quenched and tempered steels

Flux-Cored Wire

  • FabCO® 712M

    All-position wire with excellent mechanical toughness properties at low temps

    Excel Arc™ 71

    All position wire that bridges poor part fit-up and has easy slag removal

    FabCO RXR

    Higher level of deoxidizing elements for mill scale, rust and other contaminants


    Series of wires produce manganese emissions below the levels of any wire currently on the market without sacrificing mechanical properties or weldability

  • FabCO TR-70

    Low smoke/spatter with excellent operator appeal on mild and low alloy steels


    For most applications where low temperature impact toughness is required


    Well suited for fine grained steels where low temp impact toughness is needed

Solid Wire

  • Quantum Arc™ 3

    Great for general fabrication using CO2 or argon-rich shielding gases

  • Quantum Arc 6

    Higher deoxidizers allow use in applications that have light rust or mill scale

Automation Products

Miller Welding Automation provides leading edge technology, including Panasonic robots, with innovative solutions for heavy plate welding, seam tracking, and off-line programming.

Wire Feeders & Semi-Automatic Guns

Wire Feeders

Industrial boom and bench feeders with a wide variety of capabilities, including options such as trigger hold, dual tension control, automatic run-in, locks and limits

Wire Feeders
  • 70 Series Swingarc™

    Boom-mounted wire feeders bring an extra dimension of flexibility and efficiency

    Axcess Feeders and Swingarcs

    Customize your industrial MIG welding system with a variety of wire feeding solutions for your application.

  • 20 Series

    Simple to use, rugged, economical industrial feeders

    70 Series

    Raising the bar for industrial-class wire feeders, plus options for enhanced capability

Semi-Automatic Guns

Bernard™ Semi-Automatic guns

The most rugged semi-automatic guns for high-amperage heavy equipment applications

Fume Extraction and Safety

Technical Services

  • Phone Support

    Phone calls are encouraged for occasional assistance or casual question. We offer welding applications assistance on our Applications hotline (920) 954-3813 during normal working hours (7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Central Standard Time).
  • Service/Applications

    (920) 954-3809
    7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time
    On-Site Support - Miller also offers on-site technical, service, application, and welding process support (See Fee Schedule)


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