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New Robotic G3 Material Handling Robots from Miller Welding Automation Introduces Harmony in the Robotic Welding Cell


  • Common G3 robotic platform presents complete industrial solution
  • No need to learn second robotic language
  • Automated loading and unloading of material
  • Reduce costly out-of-position welding through robot harmony
  • Customizable for full line of network capabilities
  • 80kg, 165kg and 200kg robots available


APPLETON, Wis. — November 7, 2012 — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has announced the release of three new automated Material Handling Robots from Miller Welding Automation group. The HS-80, HS-165 and HS-200, combined with the highly successful MWA Panasonic G3 welding robot, position the material for optimum welding for a complete synchronized robotic solution for industrial customers. The common G3 pendant and language eliminates the need to learn additional robotic languages.


One pendant handles the communication between welder and handling robot. The compatibility forms a symbiotic welding cell. Thanks to the harmonizer function the robots work in tandem to complete tasks.


“This material handler is part of a full solution for industrial users who use large material with multiple welding positions,” said Kevin Summers, operations manager, Miller Welding Automation. “One control language, one teach pendant and the ability to automatically maintain the welding torch position to the work piece.”


The G3 material handler’s jigless welding ability means faster welding speeds and the reduction of out-of-position welding in the robotic cell. The handler synchronized with the welder presents the material into position for the welding robot.  The programming of the weld position becomes as easy as working with a fixed workpiece, ensuring that out-of-position welding is avoided.


“The handling robot does the work, placing the material in the optimal position to be welded,” said Summers. “That’s important when you have multiple planes on a project. The handler eliminates costly and time-consuming out-of-position welding.  The HS-series is perfectly suited for all of your material handling needs from jigless welding, pick and place and even palletizing operations.  With the addition of the material handling robots, Miller Welding Automation can now supply all of your robotic needs.”


The HS-G3 material handling robots offer network capabilities with fully digital communication protocol to meet the needs of most industrial work environments. They come standard with Ethernet connection capabilities. The HS platform can be customized to meet the needs of Devicenet, Profibus, and CC Link protocols.


The HS series or platform handler is the right solution for non-welding applications as well with its interchangeable communication protocols. Customers already using the G3 platform will find this robot an easy add to material handling, thanks to the single G3 platform. 


The HS series or platform material handler is designed for industrial applications where large material or multiple projects’ needs are in demand. The one language control and harmonized work cell will result in material being processed faster and sent down the line more efficiently to the next process. 


Additional Details:


Programming and operation takes place using the G3 controller and the lightweight teach pendant. The G3 controller has a 600 percent faster main processor than the previous models, ensuring the acceleration and deceleration processes occur 10 percent faster. The G3 teach pendant weighs less than 1 kilogram and has an improved LCD screen. An additional benefit of the new HS-G3 robots is their flexible adjustment to different working processes.

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