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Miller Presentation at AWS Energy Conference
Showcases GMAW, Induction Technologies
Designed Specifically for Pipe Fabrication

Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) and induction heating provide alternatives to conventional short circuit transfer GMAW and conduction heating methods, respectively.

Miller’s Jim Byrne will present new welding and heating technologies for pipe fabrication, such as the induction heating technology shown here, at the AWS Energy Conference in San Diego on Aug. 31.

Highlights/Key Facts

Appleton, Wis. August 18, 2010Miller Electric Mfg. Co's.Jim Byrne will discuss new technologies for welding and heating the creep-strength-enhanced ferric (CSEF) steel alloys common in the power generation industry, including 9Cr-1Mo-V (P91) chromium-molybdenum pipe. Byrne, application and sales support manager, will deliver his presentation Aug. 31 in San Diego at the American Welding Society (AWS) Energy Conference at 2:10 p.m.

Byrne’s presentation will introduce attendees to a modified short circuit transfer GMAW process Miller developed specifically to improve pipe fabrication performance. This process, called Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™), precisely and more consistently controls metal transfer compared to conventional GMAW. Benefits include consistent tie-in to the sidewall, compensation for high-low misalignment, consistent root reinforcement on the inside of the pipe and reduced operator training time. Fabricators have successfully qualified RMD for root pass welding procedures in energy/power generation applications, which in turn enabled them to increase productivity while maintaining and/or increasing first-pass yield rates.

Byrne will also discuss how to apply Miller’s innovative induction heating technology to all phases of pipe welding: pre-heating, controlling interpass temperature and post-weld heat treatment/stress-relief. Rather than conduct heat from the surface inward (as with open flame or resistance heating), induction technology electromagnetically induces heat from within the pipe. Induction technology can bring pipe to temperature up to four times faster than other methods while reducing consumables costs, eliminating safety hazards and providing additional temperature control and related QA/QC documentation.


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