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New Miller Invision 350 MPa Provides Operator-Friendly Pulsed MIG for High Volume Manufacturers

APPLETON, Wis., Nov. 12, 2007—Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new Invision™ 350 MPa MIG/Pulsed MIG inverter features built-in pulsed MIG programs with excellent out-of-the-box performance for immediate productivity, especially in high-volume applications. The Invision 350 MPa is designed to solve distortion, burn through and spatter issues commonly associated with welding light gauge material. When combined with the S-74 MPa wire feeder, the two create a synergic system with easy-to-use one-knob control, freeing the operator from setting multiple parameters to achieve optimal results and virtually eliminating the pulsed-MIG learning curve.

Miller’s new Invision 350 MPa MIG/Pulsed MIG inverter features built-in pulsed MIG programs with excellent out-of-the-box performance for immediate productivity, especially in high-volume applications.

“Although the Invision 350 MPa will work with any 14-pin wire feeder, when combined with the S-74 MPa wire feeder, it offers high-volume manufacturers a MIG/Pulsed MIG system that provides superior performance and ease of use,” says Jeff Herb, product manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “The two work synergically, meaning adjusting the wire feed speed on the S-74 MPa feeder adjusts total power output. The simplicity of one-knob control allows operators to get better results easier and quicker.”

With the Invision 350 MPa (MPa = MIG, Pulsed, advanced arc controls), in pulsed MIG mode the operator simply dials in the SharpArc™ (arc cone shape) setting, wire and gas type, and the Invision 350 MPa automatically sets the optimal parameters. As easy to use as traditional MIG, the Invision 350 MPa’s intuitive programming virtually eliminates the pulsed-MIG learning curve for experienced MIG operators.

“Manufacturers with repetitive welding needs, such as those who produce lawn and garden equipment, recreational vehicles, commercial trucks and trailers, will benefit from the simplicity of the Invision 350 MPa/S-74 MPa system,” says Herb. “The Invision 350 MPa gives the operator a very controllable arc, even at short arc lengths, for more precision and productivity.”

The Invision 350 MPa provides a 5- to 425-amp output (350 amps at 60 percent duty cycle). Because the Invision 350 MPa incorporates Miller Auto-Line™ power management technology, it can operate off any input voltage 208-575 V, single- or three-phase, and provide constant output even if input voltage varies by +/- 10 percent.

Ground Breaking Technology

Previous generations of pulsed MIG technology (pulsing pendants and programmable feeders) required operators to adapt their welding preferences to meet technology limitations. Primarily, operators had to hold a longer-than desired arc length to prevent inadvertent arc outages, arc stumbling or wire stubbing. In addition, changing arc characteristics required complicated program adjustments.

The Invision 350 MPa eliminates these issues, using advanced technology to greatly simplify the pulsing process while enhancing operator appeal. For example, its SharpArc technology alters the width of the pulsed MIG welding arc cone. Using a lower SharpArc setting results in a wider arc cone that has greater wetting action, increased weld puddle fluidity and a flatter weld bead. A higher SharpArc setting narrows the arc cone, which produces a narrower, faster freezing weld bead with less heat input.

New technology also lets operators tailor the pulsed MIG arc length (voltage) to suit their needs. Typically, operators want a shorter arc to lower heat input, which is especially important when welding thin gauge material.

With headquarters in Appleton, Wis., Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller arc welding equipment and related systems and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW).