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2000: Miller Enters the New Millennium


2000: Miller engineers integrate Auto-Line circuitry (115 to 460 VAC configuration) into the Maxstar® 200 series of DC TIG/Stick inverters (and later the Dynasty 200 series). These lightweight inverters offer unparalleled portability, arc quality and low primary amperage draw.

2002: Miller became the first U.S. welding equipment manufacturer to comply with the new ISO 9001:2000 standard. View Certificate of Registration >>

2002: Miller introduces its first auto-darkening welding helmets. Dynamic graphics, lightweight and excellent price-for-premium performance quickly establishes Miller as a market leader.


2003: Pulsed MIG welding achieves its full potential when Miller introduced its revolutionary Axcess multi-MIG systems featuring Accu-Pulse®.


2004: Miller’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a custom chopper built by Orange County Choppers and featured on the American Chopper® TV show.


2004: Miller inverter technology enables creation of the Millermatic® Passport® and the Millermatic® 350P. The 45-lb. Millermatic Passport features an internal shielding gas cylinder for unmatched portability, while the Millermatic 350P offers the productivity and quality benefits of pulsed MIG in a system designed especially for aluminum trailer and boat fabrication.

2005: In honor of its founding year, Miller, along with some of custom rodding's biggest names, builds a '29 Ford Roadster with the same tools hobbyists use. This dream project was seen from concept to completion on the "BOND" episode of RIDES on TLC.

2006: Building on the success of its helmets, Miller introduces its Arc Armor™ line of welding protection.



2006: The 18-lb. Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ takes plasma cutting to unprecedented levels of portability and space-savings.


2008: The Diversion 165 AC/DC TIG welder makes TIG welding steel, stainless and aluminum easier than ever before because it features just two controls.


2009: The new PipeWorx™ Pipe Welding System provides simple process setup, quick process changeover (literally push one button) and reduced training time, giving pipe fabricators a unique tool to address the welder shortage while dramatically improving productivity.


2009: Miller achieved the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. View Certificate of Registration >>


2010: The Miller Jet Dragster was built as a vehicle for engaging the racing community. It complements our motorsports program with the mission to educate and promote welding at all levels of competition. Our partnerships with talented, recognized teams such as Larsen Motorsports supports this goal, and inspires fabricators with the knowledge and tools to succeed, both on the track and off.

Noteworthy Inventions

2001: Apple struck digital gold with its iPod portable media player. The first 5GB iPod held approximately 1,000 songs.

2002: James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau invented the first phone tooth.

2005: Ron Popeil sold his company, Ronco™, for $55 million.

2006: Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Some experts believe that “Web 2.0” era—an era of increased social networking, interconnectivity and collaboration—exploded with the birth of YouTube, invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim the previous year.

2008: A year of “green inventions” included a self-cleaning and pollution-mitigating cement, a plastic made from pig waste and a “bio-battery” that generated electricity from a sugar solution.

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2008 - Miller Corporate Building
2004 Miller 75th Anniversary Chopper
2004 Miller 75th Anniversary Chopper
2004 Miller 75th Anniversary Chopper
2004 Miller 75th Anniversary Chopper
2004 Miller 75th Anniversary Chopper Build
2006 Miller
2010 Miller Jet Dragster
Miller Jet Dragster Joliet IL
Miller Jet Dragster
Miller Jet Dragster