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1970s: Miller introduces Millermatics

In 1971, Miller introduced the first power source with a built-in wire feeder, the Millermatic® 35. Rated at 150 amps, the Millermatic 35 was the ideal rig for sheet metal shops, garages, auto body and fender repair, maintenance welding, ornamental metal work and steel sculpture.

Miller introduced the Gold Star® 400 SS DC Stick welder in 1973. It was Miller’s first three-phase, 400-amp welder featuring line voltage compensation.

Miller dramatically improved results for TIG welding aluminum and magnesium in 1974 with its patented squarewave AC output technology with balance control. Squarewave, used in Syncrowave® TIG welders, dramatically increased arc stability and reduced arc wandering, voltage spikes and tungsten spitting caused by unwanted arc rectification.

Miller’s first pulsed MIG welder, the Pulstar 450 (introduced in 1979), included the ability to pulse at 60 or 120 pulses per second.

1970 Inventions

1971: Sony introduced the first VCRs intended for home use in September.

1971: Ray Tomlinson of Bolt Beranek and Newman implemented the first e-mail system; he also chose the famous @ sign.

1973: Bic® launched the first disposable lighter with an adjustable flame.

1974: Post-it® notes are invented. Marketing the product proved to be a stickier issue. Post-it notes weren’t widely accepted until after 3M implemented a massive consumer sampling strategy in 1979.

1975: Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft on April 4. Almost exactly one year later, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple® I computer, starting one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

1979: The Sony Walkman debuted.


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1970s Millermatic 35 Line
1971 Millermatic 35
1970s Miller Squarewave
1970s Miller Road Show Truck
1970s Inside the Miller Road Show Truck
1976 Miller Electric Mfg Co Plant
1970s Mrs. Niels Miller
1970s Millermatic 35 Welding
1970s Millermatic 35 Welding
1970s Welding With Millermatic 35
1970s Welding with Millermatic 35
1971 Miller Goldstar 330A Arc Welder
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